What is PSIGEN and How is it Different From Other Trading Bots?

What is PSIGEN and How is it Different From Other Trading Bots?

As the number of cryptocurrency users continues to increase over the years, more and more people are utilizing third-party tools and applications to provide that extra edge when trading in cryptocurrency.

Those who are professional traders or experienced in cryptocurrency trading often rely on bots to provide them with signals and analysis on the market movements which in turn allows them to execute profitable trades faster and with a lower risk. Those who are new to cryptocurrency are often confused by the different types of trading bots available and how they can benefit them.

Available exclusively inside the Everus wallet, PSIGEN is an A.I trading bot that provides fully automated trading for users, generating risk-free,  passive income, 24/7.

What are the key benefits of PSIGEN and how do they compare to other trading bots available today?

Zero Signup & Monthly Subscription Fees

Most trading bots available today require to pay sign-up fees and monthly subscription costs before you can access and see the profits from using the bot.

With PSIGEN, users are able to join trading packages from as low as $10 USD and benefit from Zero Sign Up and Monthly subscription fees.

No Trading Knowledge Needed

The use of trading bots is common among Professional traders and those experiences in cryptocurrency trading. For those who are not experienced, understanding how to set up and generate profits from using a trading bot can be very difficult. Many trading bots even require users to be proficient in programming languages such as JavaScript and C++. PSIGEN provides fully automated trading which requires no input from the user in order to start trading.

Simply Join the trading package of your choice and the bot will notify daily on the profits earned. 

Earn Passive Income

To generate “Passive Income” means to earn money with minimal effort.  PSIGEN is a fully automated solution that trades for the user without them having to do anything. It provides daily earnings in Bitcoin as it constantly trades 24 hours a day and 7 days a week providing passive income for the users.

Users only need to register for PSIGEN, choose their preferred Trading Packages and be on their way to receive earnings daily.

Profits Earn in Bitcoin

Over the past few years, many companies have launched trading bots that pays out profits in their own token. This means when profits are paid out they must then be exchanged into another coin/token in order to have a value on the open market. Most commonly, it will require extra fees to convert the said token into the leading cryptocurrency that attains a high current market value such as Bitcoin.

With PSIGEN, earnings are paid directly in Bitcoin into the user’s wallet. 

Visit PSIGEN Website at https://psigen.io

Join PSIGEN Telegram Community at https://t.me/PSIGEN

Direct message on Telegram at https://t.me/PSIGENChat


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