The First A.I. Bot providing Passive Income

The First A.I. Bot providing Passive Income

The development of digital assets in today’s world has fostered a significant increase in the trading of cryptocurrencies due to their cryptographic nature. Many professional traders in the industry have begun to leverage this implication as they become familiar with it; this rise evolved to include a more diverse type of investor, such as novices who are interested in getting involved in this relatively new form of trading.

While it’s clear that cryptocurrency is creating a new dimension to trading, one needs to understand and learn its intricacies. The trading of cryptocurrencies requires a good understanding of the market and its complexities including trading patterns, strategies and selecting the best exchanges to trade on. Learning how to manage your coins or tokens is extremely crucial in order to generate profitable trades.

PSIGEN is an Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot that automates trading operations 24/7 efficiently for profitable trades. PSIGEN aims to revolutionise the definition and process of trading among cryptocurrency investors globally.

Accessed securely through the users Everus Multi-Crypto Wallet, the launch of PSIGEN provides the perfect platform for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading to generate risk-free revenue without any market or trading knowledge. You’ll earn 24/7 automatically generated by PSIGEN A.I. Trading Bot with your stored crypto as passive income. For those more experienced in cryptocurrency trading, PSIGEN provides the perfect platform for them to utilise existing assets to generate an additional stream of income from trading. On top of that, PSIGEN requires no joining or subscription fees.

As a fully automated platform, using a selection of preset algorithms and trade parameters, our A.I. Trading Bot analyzes the cryptocurrency exchanges for profitable trading opportunities and automatically processes them without the need for any user interaction.

Packed with a variety of user-friendly features such as 24-hour reporting and user-friendly interface, PSIGEN is set to revolutionise the way cryptocurrency is traded by providing a risk-free platform for users to generate a passive income from cryptocurrency trading.

As an initiative to show users the transparency of earnings by all users, PSIGEN will notify the users across all social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter daily, weekly and monthly. Users will also be getting personal alerts from the Everus wallet itself for the profits that they earn daily. 

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to trading, the PSIGEN platform will also provide the option for users to purchase real-time trade signals which will provide alerts direct to users email on real-time market activity and trade opportunities based on the cryptocurrency assets they are interested in, and this exciting feature will be coming soon in the near future. With PSIGEN Trade signals,  you never need to worry about missing out on a profitable trade again.

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