Server Maintenance – Health Checkups for the Server

Server Maintenance – Health Checkups for the Server

The human body requires regular health checkups to assure that it is in good health and the organs function properly. If something is found to be wrong, the doctor is able to track and treat it. This scenario is applicable to the software server maintenance.  

What is server maintenance?

Server maintenance relates to the process of keeping the server software updated in order for the network to operate smoothly and prevents it from crashing such as causing system downtime or data loss. 

Why is server maintenance important?

The server runs 24/7 making it logical to be needing regular maintenance. The purpose of regular maintenance is to keep the server running smoothly and perform tasks as they should.  Similar to regular health checkups, regular maintenance help avoids a total or partial network failure (provided that small issues are identified and solved during maintenance). 

What is usually done during server maintenance?

Typically, Everus runs server maintenance for the Everus Wallet application at least once a month. This is a necessary routine as we believe it is vital to properly watch and care for the server as it stores all the valuable data of our users. Take a look at some of the ongoing tasks that we did during server maintenance:

  1. Reviewing the server’s performance
  2. Update the system for security & identifying potential security risks
  3. Check for hardware errors
  4. Reviewing and updating user accounts & list of cryptocurrency tokens
  5. Preemptive maintenance

Similarly to health checkups, constant care and maintenance are much needed for the server. Therefore, we ask for your patience during server maintenance of the Everus wallet as we are only preparing a better service for you. 

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