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Is Bitcoin Getting Closer to The End?

If you think about it, gold and bitcoin seem to share a lot of common characteristics. In fact, most crypto companies use gold to explain cryptocurrency in a simple easy way. Luno explained on “Bitcoin as digital gold” that alike gold, bitcoin is finite, exists in small or big units such as 1 satoshi or 1 Bitcoin and most importantly,

How The Current Epidemic Impacts Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

No matter where you are on Earth, you can feel the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus has a negative impact on the industry, tourism, trade, stock markets, and of course, cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will consider how this epidemic has striked the blockchain industry and how it will affect the development of the cryptocurrency industry. When the World

The Impact of Coronavirus on Cryptocurrency

We have officially hit the mid-week of April and yet, everywhere across the world, people are battling for their lives while the rest are sitting ducks aside from the protection of our own home. Coronavirus, the infectious fatal disease that was first started in China has made its way around the world within just a few weeks and has impacted

The Rise of Digital Payments

When I was young, I remembered my teacher asked: “Hands up to those who think money is not important.” I raised my hand and he asked why. Being a naive 9 year old, I hesitantly answered “There are many other things that are far more important than money – health, clean air, etc. He then answered “True. But, you need

It’s Suddenly Cold Out. Am I Going to Get Sick?

As the thermometer drops, infection does become more likely – but it’s important to stay calm and get the treatment you need. Everywhere around the world, people are limiting social contact by staying at home with an attempt to control the Corona outbreak. How does that work? Social Distancing Even the phrase sounds awful. At the moment, even the simplest,most

Leaping into An Uncertain future whilst Social Distancing

22nd March, 2020 – It has been days of being quarantined at home but yet, Corona Virus continues to ravish the lives and health of many. The effect of this pandemic has caused our lives to be utterly chaotic. From the global market crashing down to our safety violated by these monstrous infectious diseases. We don’t mean to diminish the

Not Just the Same Old Boys’ Club

Clock is ticking,  the world is changing disruptively. Never before in the history of mankind have we experienced such change. There is a bizarre option to bridge hostile innovations to change the world for the better. One such creative breakthrough is blockchain technology. The most fascinating fact about cryptocurrencies is that it doesn’t mind who you are. Be it a

Everus Key Achievements and Milestones 2019

The expansion to European countries by attaining an Estonia license has open the doors to significant product enhancement and new developments, aligned with the Everus’ goal and vision which is to pioneer the widespread adoption of blockchain in everyday lives. Let’s take a look at some of the key achievements and milestones of Everus Technologies OU in 2019: 1.Everus Wallet

Everus Launches New Wallet Solutions as Part of European Expansion Plan

Ever since the announcement of our European expansion plans back in August 2019, Everus Technologies has successfully integrated our wallet with Indacoin, allowing users the ability to instantly buy over 180 cryptocurrency tokens including EVR directly inside the Everus wallet using both credit/debit cards. This exciting new feature was introduced in November 2019 to provide a fast and simple alternative

We have expanded our European operations!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new European office, Everus Technologies OÜ. Located in Estonia, our team will focus on expanding our operations in this region as well as provide support to our network of global offices.    Estonia is well known as a crypto-friendly nation and we feel that this expansion will provide us with a great

SC’s List of Digital Asset Exchanges in Transition

Everus to clarify that the Company does not fit into the category as DAX operator as defined under Chapter 15 of the Securities Commission Malaysia’s Guidelines on Recognized Markets.

Everus Expands International Operations in Hong Kong

The year 2018 marked a very important milestone for Everus with the completed development and launch to market of key products within the Everus World Ecosystem providing added usability to Everus wallet users.

Everus to expand its business operations to Hong Kong

Everus is pleased to announce that the Company will be expanding its business operations to Hong Kong with the intention of penetrating into the vast East Asia market.

SC Malaysia’s move to regulate digital assets

Everus intends to cooperate and comply with the coming regulations and implementation on the regulatory framework of digital assets that provides better clarity to the digital assets market in Malaysia.

Everus Key Achievements and Milestones 2018

Our core value and vision has always been to pioneer the widespread adoption and use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Everus Launches New and Improved Multi-Crypto Wallet

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Malaysian blockchain company Everus has launched their new and improved Everus Multi-Crypto Wallet app.

Everus Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet

The new and improved Everus Wallet app will shortly be available to all! The new apps come with a much improved user interface and experience, making it more user friendly and intuitive for newcomers.

Crypto Has Become Just Another Asset

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Everus is a company in Malaysia that specialises in blockchain technology.

Everus inks deal with PayCaddie to break into US

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Everus has reached a landmark deal with North America’s largest payment processor and integrator, PayCaddie.

Everus And PayCaddie Locks Deal for US Merchants

Everus has reached a landmark deal with North America’s largest payment processor and integrator, PayCaddie.

Everus Targets Global Expansion, First Step to Korea!

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Malaysian blockchain technology company Everus Technologies Sdn. Bhd. may be based in South-East Asia, but that has not stopped them from dreaming big.

Secure and Efficient Blockchain Solutions

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Everus Technologies Sdn. Bhd. recently entered the Korean market and started to actively attract Korean market.

Everus Technologies Enters Korean Market

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Everus Technologies, based in Malaysia and working in the blockchain technology recently entered the Korean Market.

Currency Powered by Ethereum blockchain

Everus aims to become a pioneer in the provision of blockchain as a service not just in the country, but worldwide.

Malaysians will be able to pay bills with crypto soon

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Everus has launched the Mobile Wallet for its ethereum-based cryptocurrency, EVR, which will allow users to pay their utility bills. Click here to read full article.

Everus Enlisted as Official Reporting Institution

Everus has been enlisted as an official reporting institution by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Everus to Announce Exciting Tech Updates!

Everus is set to announce exciting new updates to its technology lineup, including the launch of its mobile roadmap.

A Welcome note from the CEO

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Everus newsletter!

Everus Welcomes BNM Move to Prevent Crypto Abuse

Everus Technologies Sdn Bhd is laying out a plan to aid compliance.

Bank Negara Malaysia’s Move to Prevent Crypto Abuse

In light of the Malaysian Central Bank’s move to enforce preventive measures for the misuse of cryptocurrency, Everus is laying out a plan to aid compliance, starting with a Know Your Customer verification for its cryptocurrency wallets.