Most Popular Passive Income Trends in 2019

Most Popular Passive Income Trends in 2019

The need to be financially secure is often mentioned as being the number one priority for millions of people across the world.  If you consider that most workers today spend at least an average of 11 – 12 hours a day out of the home, the biggest dilemma for many is that there simply is not enough time to dedicate your energy to multiple sources of income.

One of the greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffet was quoted as saying “Never rely on a single source of income.”

When looking for new sources of income the key factors to consider include the amount of time & input required from you, level of risk and initial entry costs.

Passive income is earning money with minimal to no effort at all. There is a variable source of passive income that you can earn from. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fastest-growing passive income trends in 2019:

Affiliate Marketing

Most commonly seen nowadays especially among social media influencers. Sellers provide an affiliate link that works as a tracker to identify the number of customers you manage to pull from advertising on your own blog and social media channels. From this, you earn a percentage when someone clicks on the link or buy products or services from the seller’s websites through your affiliate link. 

Requirements: Earning a passive income in this field requires you to develop appealing advertising strategies in order to have a profound impact on your followers. Not to mention that you need a strong base of followers on social media or blog. 

Network Marketing (MLM)

Commonly known as a multi-level marketing strategy to recruit consumers by expanding the network. In this line of work, earning as a passive income is only possible if the network is large enough. As your referrals refer to other consumers, you will earn a commission as well. 

Requirements:  Achieving a good level of passive income requires time and the ability to grow your network of referrals. With many MLM programs requiring upfront fees, it can be difficult for participants to regain their costs.

Publish Your Photography

Art has become of high value especially in the digital landscape where people thirst for artwork. So, it is only reasonable that you get paid for producing such a masterpiece. Photography is the most common form of art where you can easily earn a passive income. When you upload a photo that you have taken into websites that provide such a service, you will earn based on the number of downloads. 

Requirements: It is vital to draw in massive traffic on your photographs. To do this, you will need to capture a tonne of captivating photos. Once the photo is approved, the money will roll in as people download your photo.

Browsing Internet

Not many are aware of the ability to earn based on the time spent on social media websites. There are very few companies that provide such service and most often, you’ll get paid in the form of e-vouchers.

Requirements: To earn these rewards, you must fulfill the demographic profile that the company needs. Once they have determined that you are eligible, all you need to do now is swipe and collect your rewards at every end of the month.

Advertise on your Car

Did you know that the vehicles you have seen on the road that were plastered with advertisements and promotions are actually getting paid for? Earning money is possible through advertising products or services on your car. The amount that you earn differs based on your route, mileage and the amount of time you spent on driving. 

Requirements: Before installing an advertisement on your car, the company needs to determine which route you normally take before considering you as an eligible candidate. After installing, you need to hit the targeted mileage and time spent in order to earn passive income at every end of the month. 

Passive Trading

There is a misconception that passive trading is complicated but it doesn’t have to be technical. Especially now, with the availability of trading bots powered by Artificial Intelligence where it limits the work. Earning passive income is made easy with PSIGEN. Though most trading bots require extra fees such as joining fees and maintenance fees, few trading bots are free such as PSIGEN; a fully automated A.I trading bot that provides a daily passive income in Bitcoin. 

Requirements: To start trading, you are only required to download the Everus Wallet to access the PSIGEN feature. Now, simply choose your Trading Packages that start as low as USD$ 10. PSIGEN will then do the rest of the work for you. Without doing anything, you will get earnings daily which you will be notified on both the app and PSIGEN’s official social media.

For more information, visit PSIGEN at


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