How does the Everus Wallet Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe?

How does the Everus Wallet Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe?

The latest data by Statista shows that the number of blockchain wallet users worldwide has continued to increase from 6.7 million to over 34.6 million in 2019 over a period of just 3 years! However, along with this spiking increase of e-wallet users, the rate of cybercrime targeting cryptocurrency exchanges has increased too, leading to thousands of users globally losing both access to their wallets and funds.

Just imagine waking up one day to find out that your crypto assets have been lost, disappeared! An online exchange is the last place where you would want to store a big amount of crypto. Any exchange may mismanage, lose your funds, so keeping crypto assets inside exchange comes with huge risks & vulnerabilities!

“With assets stored on a crypto exchange, your funds are at risk should that exchange platform become the target of a cyber attack!”

Crypto wallet providers nowadays make heavy use of modern encryption technology to enhance mobile wallet security and so did the Everus wallet. The features of the Everus Wallet includes:

  • -Enhanced multi-layer security.
  • -Facial recognition and fingerprint Authentication to ensure that only the wallet owner will be able to access funds.
  • -Google Authenticator to identify user identity for stronger security 
  • -QR code scanning 
  • -Send and receive funds with ease via QR code 
  • -Transaction history 
  • -Keep track of all funds going in and out of your wallet

“Create a Unique Password For Your Digital Wallet which is hard-to-guess, to enhance your digital wallet security.”

Everus wallet is compatible with Google Authenticator where it is compulsory for users to set up, activate and verify the account, providing a second layer of security to your wallet account that generates timed codes used during the Two-Step Verification process which includes both your password and verification code. This is done to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

Download the Everus Wallet on the App Store or Google Play store.  


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