How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Ecosystems Of The Future

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Ecosystems Of The Future

The use of  Artificial Intelligence in today’s society is emerging to be one of the fastest-growing technologies over the past decade. In fact, the AI market is expected to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025, according to research firm Markets. It has also become a crucial part of our everyday lives and we are all surrounded by it starting from receiving facebook notifications, facial & voice recognition, managing our personal finance, using drones for video footages, watching your favorite show on Netflix, driving smart autonomous cars, using smart home devices, almost everything is curated by AI. It’s pretty clear how it’s impacting human lives and businesses through a diverse range of everyday applications. 

According to PwC, by 2030 AI will add up to $15.7 trillion to the world economy, and as a result, global GDP will rise by 14%. According to Gartner’s prediction, the business value added by blockchain technology will increase to $3.1 trillion by the same year.

Moreover, AI is having a great impact on the Entertainment industry. For instance, Netflix uses ‘data analytics’ and its highly predictive technology to retain information on customers’ activity of watching shows and also to gain valuable insights. This way, the company successfully saved more than 1 million worth of money. In addition, autonomous drones are also increasingly being used worldwide by YouTubers to capture different views and angles for their personal video footage gaining greater fanbase and subscribers for their production.

It’s quite fascinating how AI is influencing the travel industry as well from suggesting efficient & faster routes during traffic with GPS, finding you ride in the midst of heavy rain with E-hailing services, recommending you beautiful sites and luxurious rooms in Airbnb to making traveling arrangements catering to your likes and needs. All thanks to AI-powered technology helping us make our lives faster & easier.

With the Health industry, AI has increasingly proved itself to be a game-changer starting from safeguarding patients’ health records against cybercriminals to assisting in surgeries. Potentially in the future, AI may also offer early and accurate diagnosis for patients preventing illnesses to get worse after selecting specific treatments improving the overall outcome.   

By 2021, 80% of emerging technologies is expected to have AI foundations. It’s a no brainer that the collaboration of AI and finance industry is a perfect match. Since, the financial sector heavily relies on accuracy, real-time reporting, making crucial decisions and predictions. With the help of AI, its functions will excel in all of these areas along with machine learning and algorithmic trading, chatbots, etc. For instance, PSIGEN is the latest Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot revolutionizing the process of cryptocurrency trading for users globally. It’s a great way to earn passive income 24/7 anytime and anywhere in the world. Accessed through the Everus E-wallet, PSIGEN provides solutions who are new to trading to generate risk-free revenue without the need for any cryptocurrency knowledge 

According to Fintech Statistics Report, 46% of large fintech companies consider AI to be one of the most relevant emerging technologies for investment. AI machines are great with trading and investments in terms of predicting the future market prices accurately and observing stock trading patterns. So, using AI in trading and investments can boost performance. 

AI is also helping the blockchain industry to change the ways of how we use our currency and the way financial transactions are taking place widely. People are starting to accept and use E-wallets more often as their payment method, whether it’s for buying coffee in stores, online shopping. For instance, this Everus Wallet is an online crypto wallet that encourages people to use crypto as a proper currency for everyday things. 

Artificial Intelligence and other combined technologies will bring great success for people and businesses all over the world with constant innovative ideas.

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