Exploring Passive Income in Cryptocurrencies

Exploring Passive Income in Cryptocurrencies

The blockchain industry certainly looks like a blue ocean – there are a lot of possibilities, the wind changes fast, and the calm suddenly can be replaced by the storm. And, as in real sailing, to be successful it means to catch a wave and tailwind.
The past decade has been a buzz with presage about both Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. Both hold enormous potential for human society as it stands and has both taken a long time to produce fruitful products. Highly developed AI modules are already entering the real world in products such as spam filtration, AI-based chess engines, and even self-driving cars. The true genius of such inventions is that they can produce code independently to solve problems in real-time without any need for intervention from human beings. You could forget the e-wallet App on your phone, and it’d still keep making money for you.

Blockchain and digital assets are eventually changing how we earn interest nowadays. The mainstreams describe the social capital on how the interest rate allocates and take banks as the core information and credit intermediates. On the other hand, Traditional financial system has recognized challenges with high operational costs. The reign of low-interest rates has brought repulsive side effects to the real-world economy, especially to banks, who pay extra to store excessive reserves but are unable to pass on negative rates to depositors. Blockchain, hence cryptocurrency, where smart contracts hosted on blockchain, results in trading finance at a reduced cost. Permissionless financial instruments drive down 99% of barriers to create and issue bespoke tradable contracts for anyone to hedge, trade and earn.

The hype surrounding crypto trading might not be as robust as it was before. But for many, the interest in making bucks off crypto trading still holds strong, and with there being so many crypto platforms on which to buy and sell crypto on, it’s easy to see why.

Multi-Crypto Wallet is one of the platforms by Everus—an e-wallet for cryptocurrency available on iOS and Android that include the functions usually found on normal fiat e-wallets, but that also adds in a certain excelling component that revolves around making the user experience as worthy as possible.

One of these special components is an artificially intelligent bot called PSIGEN that has the capability to trade cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and of course the Everus’ own EVR token) independently without the need for human input.

Targeted towards those seeking passive income in cryptocurrency, PSIGEN leads crypto trading without the need for human input and works within programmed parameters, guaranteeing that every trade is risk-free from losses. Everus also provides users with the option to start and stop trading at any time, and also withdraw their initial trading capital at any given time.

Thereby, the whole functioning of the system whirls around the concept of allowing inexperienced crypto users to trade their cryptocurrency and make a profit even without understanding the finer shades of crypto trading, thus providing them a great opportunity to start a stream of passive income without the need for much resources.


Visit PSIGEN Website at https://psigen.io
Join PSIGEN Telegram Community at https://t.me/everusworld
Direct message on Telegram at https://t.me/PSIGENChat

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