User-Friendly Crypto Exchange Boosting the Customer Experience

With over 500 cryptocurrency exchanges available globally today for users to choose from, the most commonly asked question which arises from those new to cryptocurrency and seeking to invest are “Which cryptocurrency exchange should I use and what’s the difference?” Understanding the benefits of one cryptocurrency exchange platform over another is vital when trading assets of any kind, especially assets

Brexily at a Glance

Ever since the first cryptocurrency went mainstream in 2009, we have seen a variety of use cases built around the very tech. Particularly after 2017’s BTC hype, the industry has started taking a new shape, and the latest use cases, such as crypto exchanges, come with several ingenious features, enabling us to utilize these tokens in our daily lives, just

Brexily – The First Crypto Exchange with Zero Trading Fees

The year 2020 is set to become an exciting year for Everus Technologies, having successfully launched a variety of innovative solutions into the Everus World Ecosystem over the past 2 years. The launch of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Brexily is set to elevate the Everus World to a whole new level by providing a secure and user-friendly platform for users