EVR+ Providing Monthly Dividends from Your Crypto Assets

EVR+ Providing Monthly Dividends from Your Crypto Assets

There has been a major shift in the types of financial services available to consumers over the past decade. This combined with increasingly mobile-centric consumer habits has resulted in fewer customers turning to the traditional savings & investment products offered by the banking sector. 

When you consider that the average interest rate in the United States, for instance, is 0.16%. Sure, investing your income is a smart decision, but investing in the right place is wiser; one that can benefit you best. 

The launch of EVR+ inside the Everus Wallet App provides users with an alternative form of investment; generating a long term passive income. With a high-interest rate, monthly earnings in Bitcoin making EVR+ the wise platform to invest in. 

How to Start Earning with EVR+?

EVR+ provides users with monthly dividend payouts in Bitcoin. To start earning, simply download the Everus Wallet app to access the exclusive EVR+ feature. After signing up, from the EVR+ feature, choose a package that starts from $100USD to $10,000USD. Now, users will receive payouts in Bitcoin directly inside the Everus Wallet app every day!

What are the benefits of EVR+?

Referral Program

Apart from dividend monthly payout, EVR+ rewards users with a commission for every user they refer to. What makes the EVR+ referral program unique and fascinating is that users can receive a commission up to the 10th level! To put it simply, the user will be rewarded with a commission from every friend users referred to as well as friends of the user’s friends that are referred to. Rest assured that once you invite another user, you will earn a profitable additional payout.  

Matching Incentives

EVR+ offers matching incentives for every friend that the user manages to pull in. Every month, users will earn additional earnings based on their friend’s chosen package. For example, if the user’s friend chose the USD$1,000 package, the user will receive USD$10 monthly. This goes on for every friend users manage to successfully invite.

Payout in BTC

EVR+ provides dividend payout and incentives fully in Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin carries the highest value in the current market, consumers should rest assured that the payout will be profitable.

How to choose a different package than the previous subscription?

Users who wish to upgrade their current package to a higher package are able to do so directly within the Everus Wallet app. Users are free to choose the number of packages they prefer. Just a helpful tip: The more packages users sign up for, the higher earnings they will gain.

When to withdraw my earnings?

Users are able to withdraw their earnings after the minimum lock-in period of 18 months. However, after 18 months, users can resubscribe to continue earning with EVR+.

Start earning with EVR+ and download the Everus Wallet app today!

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