Everything You Need To Know About PSIGEN

Everything You Need To Know About PSIGEN

1. How does PSIGEN generate earnings?

Trading bots are well known and often utilized by experienced traders in both Forex and cryptocurrency trading. These bots are programmed to scan multiple exchanges, comparing market rates and alerting the user on trading opportunities. Developed using the same A.I Technology, PSIGEN provides users with more than just these functions. It automatically trades across a variety of leading cryptocurrency exchanges whenever profitable trading opportunities are available. 

PSIGEN was designed to only trade when a minimum profit level is achievable. This is to ensure that no losses are generated. In the event of limited profitable trading opportunities, you will get the exact amount that you have spent on your Trading package earlier on. 

2. What if I do not have any knowledge in cryptocurrency trading?

PSIGEN bot is a fully automated feature which requires no input from the user. This means that no prior knowledge of both cryptocurrency or trading is needed. Hence, users are able to earn without pressure. Every day, users will receive a notification in their wallet on the total profit earned for the previous 24 hours.

PSIGEN provides you with risk-free trading experience. It was designed exclusively to reform the process of cryptocurrency trading for users globally. So, whether you are new to online trading or just looking for an easy passive income, PSIGEN is the key to your answer. 

3. How much does it cost to join PSIGEN?

Unlike other Trading bots which often require monthly and joining fees, users can start trading with PSIGEN simply by joining a Trading package of their choice. All packages benefit from the same percentage of earnings. So, to increase earnings, you can simply join a higher package or even join multiple packages. With trading packages starting from as low as $10USD, PSIGEN provides the ultimate solution for users to generate earnings from their crypto assets. 

Refer your friends through the Everus Wallet app by sharing your referral codes to attain more profit earnings. To do this, go to the menu page on your Everus Wallet and click on “Invite”. Then, share the link or copy the code to as many friends as you want. Once they have successfully traded using the PSIGEN feature, you will earn 25% of their daily profits.

4. Where can I buy Everus (EVR) tokens?

Buying EVR tokens is made simple now that it can be purchased at any cryptocurrency exchanges that list EVR for buying and selling. The supporting cryptocurrency exchanges are CREX24, P2PB2B and LocalBitcoinCash whereas Indacoin and Future1Exchange with debit/credit card. Users also have the choice to buy EVR tokens with USD, Euro, Ruble, Bitcoin, or Ethereum

Join more Trading packages simultaneously; enabling you to attain higher profit earnings in a short period of time. Everus’ Trading packages which are in the form of EVR starts from as low as $10USD and up to $10,000USD. 

5. How will my PSIGEN trading earnings appear in my wallet?

Users will be updated on their daily earnings through the Everus wallet in the form of Bitcoin (BTC). To reaffirm the users that daily percentage profit is just the same as everyone else’s, PSIGEN updates daily, weekly and monthly profit earnings across all PSIGEN’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Available exclusively for Everus wallet users, facial recognition and fingerprint authentication security features enables you to gain quicker and easier access to Everus Wallet and PSIGEN. 

6. Why Bitcoin (BTC) and not other cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is the most commonly used cryptocurrency across the globe and also the most valuable in today’s market. Looking at the long-term growth prospect, receiving profits in Bitcoin also gives users the opportunity to gain additional profits on the value of their Bitcoin. This means as the value of Bitcoin increases, the profits earned from PSIGEN will also be worth more!

The market analysis feature in the Everus Wallet app allows you to keep track of the Bitcoin value. This way, there’s no need for you to go through other websites manually. Simply access your Everus wallet and you can see the market analysis for each cryptocurrency within 24hours or even a week. 

Visit PSIGEN Website at https://psigen.io

Join PSIGEN Telegram Community at https://t.me/PSIGEN

Direct message on Telegram at https://t.me/PSIGENChat


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