Server Maintenance – Health Checkups for the Server

The human body requires regular health checkups to assure that it is in good health and the organs function properly. If something is found to be wrong, the doctor is able to track and treat it. This scenario is applicable to the software server maintenance.   What is server maintenance? Server maintenance relates to the process of keeping the server software

How does the Everus Wallet Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe?

The latest data by Statista shows that the number of blockchain wallet users worldwide has continued to increase from 6.7 million to over 34.6 million in 2019 over a period of just 3 years! However, along with this spiking increase of e-wallet users, the rate of cybercrime targeting cryptocurrency exchanges has increased too, leading to thousands of users globally losing

Everus Wallet, Key to Everus World Ecosystem

Developments in technology over the past decade have had a major impact on the way people access, store and transfer funds. According to Worldpay’s 2018 Global Payment Report, the number of digital wallet users is set to rise 5% each year until 2022.   Launched in October 2017 along with the EVR cryptocurrency token, Everus Wallet provides users with the core