Everus Technologies Enters Korean Market

Everus Technologies Enters Korean Market

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Everus Technologies Sdn. Bhd., based in Malaysia and working in the blockchain technology recently entered the Korean Market. Their aim to pioneer in the provision of blockchain as service not just in the country but worldwide is attracting interest from a large customer base in the Korean market. It hosts a variety of products that are tailored specially to provide changing solutions in the market. Everus tries to give a positive change for clients to accept cryptocurrency and blockchain as a service.

Everus also possesses its own cryptocurrency called EVR which is an ERC-20 token fueled by the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. Accessible to trade on the Cryptonia, Kuna, LocalBitcoinCash and CCEX exchanges, at present there are more than 80 million EVR available for use, with an aggregate supply of 1 billion available.

In April this year, The Central Bank of Malaysia [BNM] recognized Everus as a reporting institution in consent with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism [AML/CFT] – Digital Currencies (Sector 6) policy. The acknowledgment by BNM implies an additional lift to purchaser trust in Everus, as all Everus wallet exchanges are straightforward and maintain stipulated direction by controllers.

EVR Wallet holders receive, store and track their EVR in the Everus Mobile Wallet App, which was debuted in April this year. Available on both iOS and Android, this app provides easy account access for the Everus wallet holder who is constantly in a rush.

One of the key quality of the application is its security feature; the portable wallet includes preeminent technologies like facial recognition and fingerprint authentication features. Down the
stream, Everus will additionally improve the flexibility of the Everus Mobile App by adding a one-stop payment processing role. It will allow the wallet holder to provide funds for important services like mobile phones, top-ups, utility bills and more.

Everus seeks to position the EVR as a feasible way of payments in contrast to other cryptocurrencies which are primarily used for the purpose of investment. Everus is right now constructing its
worldwide system of traders to increase the usage of EVR among those who possess it. Everus intends to make Yottahash the biggest cryptocurrency mining ranch in Asia: which likewise offers the mining fanatic the ease of an extensive variety of reliable mining rigs for procurement. Yottahash ensures 100% transparency, round the clock observing and tractability.

Once Everus’ key items are built up and operational, this should see a vast spike in ease of use for EVR and expanded trading volume. It is still early to say anything but with Everus’ milestone, it will make it as one of the world’s most dynamic blockchain organizations in South East Asia.

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