Everus to Announce Exciting Tech Updates!

Everus to Announce Exciting Tech Updates!

Kuala Lumpur, 9th March 2018Everus Technologies is set to announce exciting new updates to its technology lineup, including the launch of its mobile roadmap.

Special invitations are extended to members of the press and media for this event, which is set for the 16th of April 2018. The event takes place at the lavish The Oak Room, Nexus in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, providing the perfect setting for this for this exciting tech update.

Founded in 2017, Everus is a financial technology company focused on blockchain, with its own ERC-20 token known as EVR. We are embracing the emerging world of blockchain technology to build tools and services for our customers and consumers, empowering them to make financial transactions and business agreements completely transparent.

Set to be unveiled and available on the same day as the event, the Everus Mobile Wallet App will act as the genesis of its mobile roadmap. Additional mobile-centric services and tools are already in the pipeline for launch in the coming months.

This exclusive event is set to attract the likes of digital entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, prominent personalities, technology bloggers, and industry influencers, who are sure to be hugely encouraged by the rapid progression and ambition Everus has for its present and future technology rollout plans.

The clean and functional Everus mobile wallet app is designed to simplify the process of using EVR for payments. In addition, the app aims to familiarize customers with the simplicity and power of cryptocurrency transactions.

“Our team at Everus has worked tirelessly over the past few months. I am happy to say that we have created what we believe to be the one of the most secure and functional wallets around,” said Srinivas Oddati, founder and CEO of Everus Technologies.

“We hope to educate people about the upside of owning and using cryptocurrency, which will ideally lead to widespread understanding and acceptance. Everus will be working closely with the authorities to ensure we stay firmly in line with regulations.”

With some of the region’s top industry experts set to attend this event, a networking session is scheduled to take place following the presentation. The networking session offers the opportunity for attendees to discuss the latest industry practices, technology, regulations and customer expectations, in addition to gaining valuable insight and opinions on the latest technological advancements in the ever-expanding world of blockchain technology.

About Everus

Everus Technologies is a Malaysian financial blockchain technology company that specializes in the development of fully integrated commercial and financial blockchain ecosystems. Its cryptocurrency, known as EVR, will be used for all products and services within these ecosystems.

Everus is developing real-world initiatives that utilize cryptocurrency and smart contracts to solve problems in areas such as disaster relief, governance, financial education, and others.

As governments, financial institutions, securities commissions and other policy makers begin to see the benefits of cryptocurrencies, Everus seeks to bridge the consumer-regulator gap with solutions that manage and aid compliance.

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