What’s new in the recent Everus App March 2019 Update

What’s new in the recent Everus App March 2019 Update

The latest version of Everus App is available for 1.1.6 Update (Play Store) and 1.0.9 Update (App Store) on your eligible device. The new Everus App Update will help you to manage your cryptocurrencies easier with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Tips: Allow auto-update apps on your device setting to enable Everus app update automatically as soon as a new version is available.

Added 20 more cryptocurrencies

In less than a month since the last update, Everus has again added 20 more cryptocurrencies to the Everus wallet. You can store a total of 75 cryptocurrencies inside the Everus wallet, allowing you to securely and seamlessly manage a wide array of digital assets.

Added 20 tokens: BHPCash, Centrality Token, Credo Token, Eidoo, ELF, Endor Protocol Token, Enigma, EnjinCoin, KyberNetwork, Loom, Nebulas, OneRoot Network, OSAToken, Own, Qubitica, SAN, SingularityNET, TenXPay, Tomocoin, WaykiCoin.

Sort and filter your holdings in Dashboard

In the March 2019 Update, you can finally sort and filter your holdings in the dashboard for easy search of the cryptocurrencies. Press the search button, select Holdings to filter based on Cryptocurrency Type, Cryptocurrency Balance, Fiat currency Balance or Market Price.

Quick access without launching the App

You can now access to several features easily by long pressing the Everus App icon. Simply enjoy the access of the QR code for the sender to scan, add your favorite address, check notifications or even contact our customer service at a touch of a button.

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