What’s new in the recent Everus App Feb 2019 Update

What’s new in the recent Everus App Feb 2019 Update

The latest version of Everus App will automatically download the 1.1.4 Update (Play Store) or 1.0.8 Update (App Store) on your eligible device if you’ve turned on auto-update effectively on February 20th, 2019 (Wednesday). The new Everus App Update will help you to manage your cryptocurrencies easier with enhanced features and improvements.

Tips: Allow auto-update apps on your device setting to enable Everus app update automatically as soon as a new version is available.

20 new token added to Everus wallet

Everus wallet now supports additional 20 tokens. You can store a total of 55 cryptocurrencies inside the Everus wallet, allowing you to diversify and manage your digital assets portfolio with ease. This is in line with our ultimate goal of being able to hold over 500 different cryptocurrencies moving forward.

Added 20 more tokens as below:

Scan the QR code to save as Address Book

In the February 2019 Update, you can save user address to Address Book by scanning QR code. Select the Menu button, then select Address Book > Add Address > QR Code Scanner.

Improved Transaction User Interface

Select the cryptocurrency you would like to send, add invoice information includes recipient name, recipient address, and invoice number. Once sent, the recipient can view the invoice information from their transaction history.

Save and share your transaction Remittance Slip in PDF format

With invoice information, you can download and save the mentioned transaction Remittance Slip in PDF format from your transaction history.

Everus is shifting its focus to create new solutions coupled with the needs and demands of today’s mobile-centric market segment and trends. As we are realigning its business direction to achieve long-term viability, the company has decided to take away some of the existing features to target the areas we see potential growth in. If you have any questions regarding PSIGEN discontinuation, refer to our discontinuation of PSIGEN service announcement and its frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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