What Can I Buy with Cryptocurrency?

What Can I Buy with Cryptocurrency?

So you’ve made a mini fortune from investing in cryptocurrency. Naturally, the thought that comes to mind is to reward yourself with some spending! Despite increased awareness of the concept, not many know where they can spend their newfound riches. Here at Everus, we’re all about making your life easier, so we’ve put a list of things you can indulge in, with some spare cryptocurrency lying around the depths of the blockchain.

1. Food

Even small business owners have found the time to implement cryptocurrency payment options and seriously, why not? From the US to India to Malaysia, forward-thinking merchants are selling food and drinks in exchange for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some are even offering additional discounts on top of the service, but understandably, the pick-up rate has been low. At least it’s a light at the end of a futuristic tunnel!

One day it will be commonplace to pay for pizza with cryptocurrencies! Image from pizzaforcoins.com

One day it will be commonplace to pay for pizza with cryptocurrencies! 

2. Tickets for NBA games

From next season onwards, fans of the Dallas Mavericks can purchase tickets using Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to a tweet posted by billionaire owner Mark Cuban. The Shark Tank star also confirmed to Bloomberg that the franchise will also accept tokens “originated by companies we have business relationships” with.

It’s not the first time an NBA franchise has accepted Bitcoin for payments though. The Sacramento Kings began offering merchandise for the cryptocurrency as far back as 2014.

Billionaire Mark Cuban is well-known to many as the American businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks but did you know he’s also a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrency? Not only is he invested in Bitcoin, despite calling it a bubble last year, he’s also launched an eSports betting firm called Unikrn, with its cryptocurrency known as UnikoinGold.

You'll be able to buy tickets to watch Mark Cuban's Mavericks using Bitcoin next season! Image from fortune.com

You’ll be able to buy tickets to watch Mark Cuban’s Mavericks using Bitcoin next season! 

3. Property

The Aston Plaza & Residences is located at Dubai Science Park and offers apartments that can be purchased with either Bitcoin or fiat currency. If you’ve been holding a stash of Bitcoins for years, it might well be worth enough today to splash out on a holiday home there. On top of that, you get a 5% discount if you pay the full amount in a single transaction!

Prices start at nine bitcoins, but with the way the market goes, you could be paying much more or much less depending on when you choose to finalize your purchase!

Fancy some luxury property in Dubai Image from aston-developments.com

Fancy some luxury property in Dubai? 

4. Hire a freelancer

If you need some urgent work done, outsourcing to freelancers has been a tried and tested formula for many company and entrepreneur. Some freelance website offers Bitcoin as a payment option, which is good news for crypto entrepreneurs around the world. Plus, the smaller numbers tend to look better on the balance sheet!

 There are many websites that allow you to hire freelancers using cryptocurrencies. Image from mabbly.com

There are many websites that allow you to hire freelancers using cryptocurrencies. 

5. Book a holiday

Since 2014, travel website Expedia has been accepting cryptocurrency for hotel bookings, although this hasn’t been extended to flights just yet. Not to worry – CheapAir lets you purchase flight tickets with Bitcoin, while several airlines also offer services in return for the cryptocurrency.

If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, you can even book a future trip into space with Bitcoin. It only makes sense that futuristic travel accepts futuristic payments!

If you need to unwind from all that day trading, why not book a holiday with your crypto profits? Image from destinator.net

If you need to unwind from all that day trading, why not book a holiday with your crypto profits? 

6. A car!

In 2014, the Benz and Beamer car dealership in California accepted payment in Litecoin for a Tesla Model S P85. The owner paid 5,447 Litecoins for his new ride, which at the time was worth about $90,000. At today’s prices, that car would be worth just under US$1 million! Not a bad bit of business by the dealership, and a stellar example of the potential upside of accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment!

The 5,447 Litecoins spent on this Tesla Model S P85 is worth just under US$1 million today!

The 5,447 Litecoins spent on this Tesla Model S P85 are worth just under US$1 million today! 


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