Brexily – The First Crypto Exchange with Zero Trading Fees

Brexily – The First Crypto Exchange with Zero Trading Fees

The year 2020 is set to become an exciting year for Everus Technologies, having successfully launched a variety of innovative solutions into the Everus World Ecosystem over the past 2 years. The launch of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Brexily is set to elevate the Everus World to a whole new level by providing a secure and user-friendly platform for users to buy & sell cryptocurrency while benefiting from its community-based loyalty & reward programs.

"When I founded Everus World, I envisioned a community where people could access solutions which would allow them to trade, invest, spend and earn rewards in a secure and simple way. The launch of Brexily will provide a wide range of added benefits to our Everus community as well as expand our solutions to a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts."

Srinivas Oddati

With the cryptocurrency market continuing to see high levels of user growth over the coming years, it’s important for platforms such as Brexily to fill the gap in providing secure and user-friendly solutions. With many cryptocurrency exchanges lacking in both liquidity and innovation, we see Brexily as a breath of fresh air for the crypto market especially users who are new to trading and lack the knowledge and understanding to use many of the features offered by most cryptocurrency exchanges today.

Let’s take an exclusive look at what the Brexily Platform has to offer:

Zero Trading Fees

As an initiative to maximize the usage of EVR tokens, the trading fees for any tokens paired against EVR are eliminated. For example, BTC to EVR, ETH to EVR etc.



Community Rewards

Upon signing up to Brexily, a welcoming bonus will be credited into the user’s account. What’s more, as a payoff for inviting friends to Brexily, users are entitled to earn a referral bonus up to the 10th level. The “80% cryptoback”, on the other hand, allows users to earn back trading fees which are segregated to the user and their referrals.


Online Crypto Marketplace

Brexily is designed to be more than just a decentralized exchange. The usage of crypto in Brexily is extended to online shops, purchasing flight tickets, hotel bookings, bill payments and mobile reload.



Multiway Payment & Reload

The newest Everus integration enables the purchase of crypto with debit/credit card on Brexily, providing multiple payment options. On top of that, third-party wallet integration allows users to reload funds using crypto and receive funds in any currency the wallet supports such as reward points or fiat.



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