Blockchain & Crypto for Newbies

What is Block Explorer?

The term “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” are widely used in this digital era. Surely by now, you must have a grasp on the area  of the topic. But, have you heard of “Block Explorer”? At the end of this article, you would be able to understand not only what block explorer is, but, gain a deeper knowledge on what you are

Reasons Why We Believe In Crypto

Do you think that cryptocurrency is changing the world? -Yes, we do. With all of the skeptics out there, it’s easy to lose focus on what really matters: the impact we are making on the world is by building this industry. If you still need a reason to believe, look no further. Get inspired by the reasons we at Everus

Blockchain Today

Cryptocurrency is made up on blockchain technology and much of its triumph is licensed to this revolutionary breakthrough. When we hear “blockchain” or “blockchain technology,” some buzzwords that come to our minds are cryptocurrency, finance, or decentralized processes. Yet, blockchain technology applies to so much more than simply finance or crypto-related fields. In today’s society, blockchain is growing into the

Beyond the Crypto Bubble

Have you ever thought about a day that there will be automated cars everywhere, paper becomes obsolete, and crypto no longer be the future of finance? It will be the ONLY way to do finance. This is how things will be in five or more years. With the recent emergence of crypto, we must be able to paint a picture

Crypto for US – Episode 001

Welcome to the first episode of Crypto for everyone! We aim to promote places in different countries that accept cryptocurrency as a payment option as our initiative to create awareness on the usability of cryptocurrency where it could bring in various benefits. In this episode, set sail as we embark on a journey to the beautiful land called the United

How to Buy EVR

Purchasing cryptocurrencies is an easy procedure, (depending on what part of the world you live in), but getting hold of smaller coins or tokens can prove to be a challenge. It can be daunting to learn how it works, especially if you’re a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrency investment. If you’re not sure how you can get a hold

Server Maintenance – Health Checkups for the Server

The human body requires regular health checkups to assure that it is in good health and the organs function properly. If something is found to be wrong, the doctor is able to track and treat it. This scenario is applicable to the software server maintenance.   What is server maintenance? Server maintenance relates to the process of keeping the server software

KYC – Solution to Fraudulent

The evolution of mobile apps that are meant to assist us in our daily lives could be threatening if there are no precautionary steps taken to protect our financial security. In 2018, there are 444,602 identity theft cases in the United States alone. 157,688 of it are credit card fraud cases. It is reported that the numbers will be tripled

What Determines the Value of Cryptocurrency?

With over $189Billion USD (as of 2019) in cryptocurrency in circulation globally, it is clear that cryptocurrency tokens/coins are here to stay, with continued adoption as tools for both investment and everyday transactions over the coming years.  For those holding cryptocurrency assets, checking the price movements of your favourite cryptocurrencies is a daily routine that often becomes a habit which

5 Tips for Protecting Your Crypto Assets

In today’s day and age, technology is emerging in the innovation landscape, especially when blockchain comes into play in the financial sector. Due to its decentralized nature, cryptocurrency gives an extra layer of identity protection. It’s safe, but still requires users to take steps to ensure their cryptocurrency assets are as secure as possible. The most important question that should

Security Advice – Protecting Your Cryptocurrency Assets

Keeping your assets secure is the most important task when managing your cryptocurrency, especially for users who transfer, exchange or trade regularly on exchanges. Sadly, cryptocurrency exchanges still remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks and fraud. We remind our users of their responsibilities in security practices for storing their own digital assets securely. If you store your digital assets on the wallet

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is the hot new way to raise funds for new cryptocurrencies, but what are they?

Do I Have to Buy a Whole Coin?

A common misconception is that you have to buy a whole coin to get started. For anyone new to cryptocurrencies, this can be off-putting.

Where Can I Buy EVR?

EVR token is currently available on two exchanges globally.

What is the Blockchain?

There has been plenty of buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and subsequently, blockchain technology.

What Can I Buy with Cryptocurrency?

So you’ve made a mini fortune from investing in cryptocurrency.