Blockchain 101

Blockchain Use in the Video Game Industry

Although the merits of blockchain technology are well-documented, it may still take some time for more traditional industries to develop and adopt it as a solution. Video games have long been one of the most innovative mediums of entertainment, so it’s very likely that CryptoKitties won’t be the last you hear of blockchain in gaming. Here are some possible applications

Blockchain Use in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has long been in need of a shake-up, with the system within which it operates lagging far behind the technological advances regarding procedures and treatments. Although many improvements have been made, it is arguable that this is not sufficient and many have called for blockchain technology to be introduced. Here are some possible ways that it can

How Blockchain Could Be Used in the Music Industry

The emergence of peer-to-peer technology forced the music industry to change the way it operated or risk losing out to digital piracy. In a similar vein, blockchain promises to shake-up the industry once more, but this time for the better as it could potentially iron out all the problems that have been plaguing artists and record labels for years. Here

Is Blockchain Key For The Future Of Technology?

Do You Know? Crypto Block Concept was first invented in 1991 by the two scientists – Stuart Haber and W.Scott Stornetta. The idea was based on the need for tamper-proof documents and ledgers. This idea may have been around for ages, but its actual implementation of blockchain – commonly called blockchain was introduced in the year 2008. After a year,

How Smart Contracts Might Change The Way We Live

Here’s a brief introduction to smart contracts and their real-world applications. Several technological advances, such as the Internet have altered human presence in ways we never could have predicted. What started out as a fad-like concept retained for nonconformists and outliers has single-handedly changed the way we share information across the borders. The revolution of blockchain technology is forecasted to

Blockchain Today

Cryptocurrency is made up on blockchain technology and much of its triumph is licensed to this revolutionary breakthrough. When we hear “blockchain” or “blockchain technology,” some buzzwords that come to our minds are cryptocurrency, finance, or decentralized processes. Yet, blockchain technology applies to so much more than simply finance or crypto-related fields. In today’s society, blockchain is growing into the

Blockchain Use in the Supply Chain Sector

Here are some possible ways in which blockchain technology could have the answer to problems that have plagued the industry for years.

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency for Your Business

As cryptocurrency enjoys steady growth, more and more people are becoming familiar with the concept and are ready to put their trust in its usability.

Blockchain for Employers and Employees

With each passing day, the prospect of blockchain technology becoming a very real presence in our day-to-day lives becomes less farfetched as more governments and organizations begin to warm to its potential.

How Do Smart Contracts Work?

In the world of blockchain, you may have heard or read the phrase “smart contract”. But how does it work?

Could Blockchain Revolutionize Your Industry?

The emergence of blockchain technology is set to shake up more than just banks!

SEC and CFTC Bullish on Future of Cryptocurrency

Heads of US SEC and US CFTC came together to discuss cryptocurrency regulation with members of US SBC.

What is Blockchain?

There has been plenty of buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and subsequently, blockchain technology.