A Welcome note from the CEO

A Welcome note from the CEO

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Everus newsletter! We are excited that you have chosen to embark on this exciting journey with us and look forward to growing together.

Everus Technologies was founded with a tremendous amount of passion for financial innovation and technology. To see the merging of two powerful industries is the exact reason we are doing what we do today.

Everus kickstarted with humble beginnings, a vision shared by individuals with a great desire to bring a wave of change in the fintech world. The hustle never stopped, the dream continued every day to build Everus into the game changer is it today. Central to our ambitions is a deep-rooted belief that great products are built by great teams and we have strived daily to assemble the most talented people we could find. It’s not always easy or perfect but we never stopped believing and living the dream.

As you begin your journey with us we’d like you to always remember that this experience is truly unique. You have the opportunity to learn, grow your investments, and become a smarter user as you delve into Everus’ cutting-edge technology and information.

Every day we are developing new ideas, creating world-class concepts and deploying forefront technologies to accelerate innovation in the fintech world. We want to pave the way as thought leaders in the industry.

Everus will continue to strive for excellence and keep your needs our priority focus in all that we do. Our talents, efforts, and dedication will get us to the finish line. Having each of you on board with us essentially means that we have a stronger chance to take on bigger challenges and celebrate more successes are we achieve and conquer more, together.

Srinivas Oddati
Founder & CEO of Everus Technologies

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