4 Reasons You Should Use PSIGEN A.I Trading Bot

4 Reasons You Should Use PSIGEN A.I Trading Bot

With the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges seeing an average of USD$11 Billion* in trade volume globally each day, it is apparent that the cryptocurrency market is a strong choice for those looking to profit from both short term and long term trades. Although the potential of big profits can be tempting for those less experienced or new to cryptocurrency trading, having a clear understanding of the market and trading strategies are both keys to success.

The emergence of A.I trading bots over the last few years has opened up cryptocurrency trading to a wider audience group, allowing just about anyone to generate profit from trading. Available exclusively inside the Everus App, PSIGEN is the 1st A.I Trading Bot in the world to offer fully automated risk free trading, providing users with a passive income 24/7.

Let’s take a closer look at some key features of PSIGEN and how they benefit users who are looking to generate passive income from cryptocurrency trading.

No Joining or Subscription Fees

PSIGEN is FREE from both joining and monthly subscription fees. Simply select from a variety of trading packages ranging from as low as USD$1,000 and start trading directly from your Everus Wallet. Trading packages can be joined using any of the supported cryptocurrencies as well as Everus Earning Points.

No Trading Experience Required

PSIGEN was developed to be as user-friendly as possible, allowing users to start trading in 3 simple steps directly from inside the Everus Wallet. As a fully automated system, PSIGEN sends a notification to you every 24 hours with an update on earnings. This makes PSIGEN suitable for all those looking to earn from trading regardless of their trading and cryptocurrency knowledge.

100% Risk Free from Risk of Losses

PSIGEN is set to revolutionize the way cryptocurrency is traded by taking away the risk, ensuring that trading capital never results in losses. This is achieved by the A.I Bot’s preprogrammed strategy and trading parameters which allow the A.I Bot to only process a trade if a minimum percentage of profit is achievable. 

Generate Passive Income 24/7

PSIGEN is a fully automated A.I Bot which is capable of trading 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This makes this feature perfect for those seeking a source of passive income without any risk involved. With a variety of trading packages available, you have the option of increasing their trading package value over time. This means the more your trading capital, the higher your profits.


PSIGEN is available exclusively to registered Everus Wallet accounts. Download your Everus Wallet now on Google Play Store or App Store.

*source: Coin Market Cap 
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[UPDATE] Discontinuation of PSIGEN Service

PSIGEN service will be removed and no longer be available to Everus wallet users effectively from February 20th, 2019. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone who uses PSIGEN. You will soon receive an email from us with information about how the closure works.

The First A.I. Bot providing Passive Income

PSIGEN is an A.I Trading Bot that automates trading 24/ for profitable trades. PSIGEN aims to revolutionise the process of trading among users globally. Accessed securely through the users Everus Multi-Crypto Wallet, the launch of PSIGEN provides the perfect platform for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading to generate risk free revenue without any market or trading knowledge.