How to Earn Everus Reward Points

How to Earn Everus Reward Points

It’s easy to rack up points and earn your way towards great Everus Rewards. Now you are able to earn numerous reward points by introducing your friends to Everus Wallet. Get them to sign up for an Everus Wallet account and reward them with bonus points.  

Let’s take a look at how Everus Rewards can help both you and your friends to earn some extra quick bucks together. If you refer friends and they transact within the Everus World Ecosystem, you earn unlimited reward points for free!

Once the total amount of Everus Reward Points in your wallet reach a certain level you can then unlock different redemption options to redeem your reward points.

5  Everus Reward Points    = $5.00 Mobile Top Up & Utility Bill Payment

30 Everus Reward Points =  $30.00 Worth of supported cryptocurrencies (EVR, BTC, LTC, ETH etc)

*Everus Rewards points have a cash value of 1.00 pt = USD$1.00



1.INVITE your friends to the Everus Wallet app via SMS or social media messenger.

2.REFERRAL CODE will be sent, together with a link to install the Everus Wallet app.

3.SIGN UP for a lifetime free account. Your friends have to download the Everus Wallet app via the link sent, and sign up. By clicking on sign up, you agree to Everus Technologies’ Terms and Conditions of Use.

4.KEY IN the referral code from the SMS or social media messenger sent on the pop-up after logged in to the newly downloaded Everus Wallet.

5.GET REWARDED instantly. Your friends earn 1 reward point worth USD$1.00 as a new Everus Wallet user, and you earn 0.10 reward point worth USD$0.10 for every friend who signs up using your referral link.


Sign up for your Everus Multi-Crypto Wallet at our Official website

Download the Everus mobile app for your iPhone or Android device to share Everus Rewards, and get points while on the move.


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