Everus Rewards Program – Start Earning Points Now!

Everus Rewards Program – Start Earning Points Now!

Everus is pleased to announce the launch of Everus Rewards, an exclusive rewards program that aims to create a practical and enjoyable experience by rewarding Everus Multi-Crypto Wallet users for referring friends.

As well as earning rewards from those successful referrals, reward points are also earned from transactions made by those you refer, providing long term unlimited earnings from a variety of transactions.

The program’s defining characteristic is its total freedom which provides Everus Wallet holders with a wide range of options to redeem their reward points within the Everus World Ecosystem.

These include purchasing mobile phone reloads, paying utility bills as well as the ability to convert these points into cryptocurrency which can then be traded by the user on cryptocurrency exchanges or stored securely in the wallet for the future.

The more users invite their friends to Everus Wallet, the more reward points they earn, and the bigger opportunity for free cryptocurrency.

The introduction of the rewards points into the Everus Wallet is major milestone in the wallets development as it provides users more usability as well as an entry level for those who are interested in owning cryptocurrency but have been put off either by the processes involved or by risk.

The ability to earn rewards which can then be converted into cryptocurrency inside the wallet provides a solution to both concerns. This makes it even easier for almost anyone to obtain cryptocurrency via reward points, and ultimately EVR obtained can be used for all products and services within the Everus World Ecosystem.

Future additions to the Everus World Ecosystem include Peer to Peer (P2P) Micro-financing, Global Remittance and integration with a list of leading merchants globally, all of which will be integrated with the Everus Rewards program allowing the users to earn rewards for the transactions carried out by those they have referred.

Friends invitation can be done in a second! What’s more, it takes new users only few minutes to register for a lifetime free Everus Wallet. Once activated, points will accumulate in your wallet in real time when earned.

Sign Up for Your Wallet Now at everus.org/login or Download the Everus App at Google Play Store or  App Store.

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