Coffee with CEO – Episode 2

Everus founder, Srinivas Oddati has an open dialogue with the founder of the Global Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Alliance, Louie Pinto.

Coffee with CEO – Episode 1

This is a new series that we launched in order to give our customers and users more of an insight as to what makes the company tick, straight from Srinivas Oddati, the founder and CEO of Everus!

How Blockchain Could Be Used in the Music Industry

Blockchain promises to shake-up the music industry for the better

How Do Smart Contracts Work?

In the world of blockchain, you may have heard or read the phrase “smart contract”. But how does it work?

Everus Set to Announce Exciting Technology Roadmap Updates!

Everus is set to announce exciting new updates to its technology lineup, including the launch of its mobile roadmap.

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