Get your free Everus Wallet now!

Get your free Everus Wallet now!

Like all other cryptocurrencies, EVRs can be securely kept in a digital wallet. But unlike other crypto wallets, the Everus Wallet is closely tied to the Everus World ecosystem – this gives EVRs usability and a convenience factor that many other cryptocurrencies out there find hard to match. Here are some reasons why you should sign up for a wallet if you haven’t yet.

Access the Everus ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, the Everus Wallet is intrinsically linked with Everus World. With an EVR wallet, you’ll get access to all parts of the Everus ecosystem that we’ve built up in an effort to spearhead the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. This includes the Everus Mall which boasts a selection of over 4,000 hot-ticket items below market price! Where else would you be able to pick up the new iPhone X for less than RM4,800?

Global Remittance and Peer-to-Peer Loans

Peer-to-peer microfinancing will also be a feature in the coming year, allowing anyone with EVR to act as a lender to underserved and underdeveloped markets. With no red tape to process, the procedure is quick and seamless and is a win-win situation for both parties. Lenders can make money by effectively renting out their capital, while borrowers enjoy globally competitive interest rates.

A wallet also allows for remittance of EVR anywhere in the world at a very low, flat rate. This can come in handy for workers that want to send money home, or even parents who plan to transfer funds to children studying abroad. The possibilities are endless!

Top Reasona to get an Everys Wallet

Smart financial management tools

In the coming months, Everus plans to add a host of features to the EVR Wallet to give users more control over their financial welfare. Key to this are smart financial management tools that will help you to keep track of both your personal and organizational management of cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a consumer, merchant or trader – these tools will help you keep your cryptocurrency portfolio well-managed. In compliance with local laws, these tools will also help to generate accurate reports for regulatory bodies.

It’s free!

Did we mention it’s free? If you bought EVR on an exchange, you’ll want to keep them safe in cold storage. But why should you choose the Everus wallet over others? For starters, hardware wallets have an additional cost and it’s not convenient to spend what you have if they’re kept in cold storage. Other free app-based wallets are also available, but they’re not linked to Everus World, which means you must transfer your EVR out of the wallet before you can spend it.

To get started in the Everus ecosystem, sign up for your free Everus Wallet today!

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