Where Can I Buy EVR?

Where Can I Buy EVR?

Everus coins, known as EVR, are still relatively hard to come by as there are currently a little over 25 million coins in circulation, at the time of writing. As of now, EVR is available at three exchanges and paired with Bitcoin. This gives you a fair amount of flexibility to decide which exchange is best for you, depending on their rules and regulations.


Based in New Zealand, Cryptopia  is the most well-known exchange that you can buy and trade EVR on. The company focuses on altcoins, with close to 500 types available. That’s a mind-blowing number which is far more than what most conventional exchanges offer. It’s not surprising then that EVR is available here, and can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

However, fiat currency deposits are only available for citizens of New Zealand. Unless you have a bank account in the country, you’ll have to deposit some cryptocurrency in order to exchange them for EVR.

Kuna Exchange

Ukraine-based Kuna Exchange is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Eastern Europe and is another platform where you can accumulate EVR. There is no limit as to how much you can buy and trade, but fiat currency deposits are only available in Ukrainian Hryvinia and Croatian Kuna.

Unless you’re a Ukrainian or Croatian citizen with a bank account there, you’ll have to transfer Bitcoin to your exchange wallet to buy and trade EVR. For a small exchange, there is a fair amount of trades occurring on a daily basis, which demonstrates both growth potential.


Altcoins are the name of the game at C-CEX , just like Kuna Exchange and Cryptopia. Although they don’t offer as many altcoins as Cryptopia, a list of almost 200 different types of cryptocurrencies is not to be sneezed at. You can buy and trade EVR using Bitcoin here, just like the other exchanges.

C-CEX has been around since 2015, which is a long time in the world of cryptocurrency, and should offer confidence as to its stability and longevity. If you plan on trading some obscure or niche altcoins, this particular exchange may be a good place to start.

Once you’ve bought EVR, it might be best not to store them on an exchange as you don’t hold the private keys. It’s much safer to keep your EVR assets in your own wallet, where you control the private keys and have full ownership over the coins.

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Disclaimer: This article does not intend to provide, and should not be taken as financial or investment advice. You should conduct your own research thoroughly, and are responsible for any investment decisions you make.

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