Everus ALTARs to Improve Cryptocurrency Usability

Everus ALTARs to Improve Cryptocurrency Usability

Everus’ very own ATMs, otherwise known as AltCoin Automated Repositories (ALTARs) are set to launch later this year. The ALTARs will bring forward our desire to give cryptocurrencies, including our very own EVR, more usability in the real world.

Over the past year, cryptocurrencies have developed a robust online audience. However, its effect on the offline world is not as prominent, despite forward-thinking merchants that are known to offer such payment options.

What Everus plans to do is to bring cryptocurrencies to the consciousness of the general public. The ALTARs are one of the crucial tools needed to do that. For years, traditional ATMs have consolidated banks as the desired safety vault to store fiat currencies. If cash is required, a user only needs to bring the card to an ATM and withdraw from savings. With this process already in place and familiar to many, Everus plans to achieve the same with ALTARs.

The ALTARs will run on the Everus payments platform, made possible via a multi-blockchain protocol. All transactions will be initiated and confirmed using the QR code tied to Everus wallet; all that is required is hold up the QR code on a smartphone to the scanner on the ALTARs. Once the identity is confirmed, just key in the intended amount of withdrawal – it’s that simple!

In the future, ALTARs will also be linked to the EVR Rewards Debit Card, which can be used to convert and withdraw fiat currencies from users’ cryptocurrency accounts. Not only is this time saving, but it also expels the middlemen (such as cryptocurrency exchanges), that takes a portion in the form of a transaction fee. It may even prove to be a natural transition point for people that are relatively new to cryptocurrencies, as the traditional card withdrawal process at ATMs is already well-established.

The convenience is a compelling factor for users to decide to invest in cryptocurrencies. With the presence of the ALTARs, users can now realize gains in cold, hard cash instead of looking at a number on a computer screen. With traditional investing, it can take some time before profits find their way into the user’s accounts.

However, the ALTARs allow users not only to withdraw gains but also deposit fiat currency intended for conversion into cryptocurrencies. This takes away the fear factor and uncertainty that comes with cryptocurrency exchanges done online. Although fundamentally the process works the same way, having physical cash on hand can certainly alleviate some of the unwarranted, but understandable fear.

This is part of our bigger plan to launch Everus World, a sustainable ecosystem where cryptocurrency is king. The ALTARs are just a small step of the way, with many more features and new products to come to build this new world.

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