Everus World introduces Southeast Asia’s first cryptocurrency E-Mall

Everus World introduces Southeast Asia’s first cryptocurrency E-Mall

Everus embarks on a mission to showcase the revolutionary Everus Mall, the first ever online mall in Sutheast Asia.

Investing and providing a digital dimension where the peer-to-peer transaction occurs, embracing the evolution of decentralized payments and offering the option to spend in the digital currency is Everus World’s mission at heart. Ever imagined the possibilities of purchasing items online without incurred banking charges? Or having autonomy over your digital transactions? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, this may just be the best news you have been waiting for.

With cryptocurrency steadily growing in popularity and being lauded for the revolutionary wave of change it brings with it, Everus is set to introduce a personalized encounter into the digital world.

Everus Mall, the first ever digital mall in Everus World set to launch on the 10th of November 2017 is loaded with over 2,500 products for consumers tasteful selections. The underlying idea that guided their mission launch of an online shopping haven is backed by their mission to bring ease into every users’ lives.

Everus wallet holders are in for a treat as the Everus Mall provides an incredible range of shopping products offered by reputable merchants. Among top brands users can expect include Apple, Samsung, and Huawei with an ever-growing list of incoming merchants and vendors joining the cryptocurrency commerce bandwagon. With the rampant growth of usage in cryptocurrencies, Everus Mall enables consumers to enjoy shopping experiences anywhere with a wide range of benefits and discounts specially designed for Everus wallet holders.

By launching Southeast Asia’s first ever digital mall, Everus sets the tone for exciting times ahead. In a recent interview, Srinivas Oddati, CEO of Everus said: “Cryptocurrency will soon be a part of our daily lives, this drastically changes the relationship between consumerism and finance. This is why we want to be on the frontline of change, to share, educate and grow with our consumers.”

The bold move towards the digital shopping experience also brings in favorable news for merchants as they are also provided with the option to receive transactions in EVR as a form of payment. The Everus mall model will be further strengthened by upcoming expansions by Everus world such as the Altars crypto ATM and crypto debit cards.

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